As on one side we select what we believe to be the finest properties on the market, we will also continue to work hard to choose carefully the guests to let in your home

We are aware that the products we propose are of very high standards and deserve to be valued and respected

If you own or manage an exceptional property and would like to host our clientele please contact us

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Although the core of the project is to rent unique villas throughout the world, please feel free to get in touch if you desire to buy or sell an outstanding property independently from its location

Thanks to a solid international network with Real Estate Partners, we might be aware of special opportunities

Work With Us


Talented individuals with a win-win mind set and a positive and proactive approach are welcome to contact us

Looking forward to hear from people who believe they can make a strong difference in improving the business 

There might be present or future possibilities directly with us or with our partners in different locations

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