Privacy Policy

In compliance with European Law General Data Protection (GDPR)  Regulation EU 2016/679 
your personal information collected through our web page will be saved for a limited period of time in a database under responsibility of Your Villa Canaria – Luxury Villas Selection domiciled at Calle Buenos Aires, 35002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Your information will be kept confidential and you can exercise your right to rectify, cancel and delete this information at any time by written request at

Should you desire to remove any reference to your name or to your property appearing on the website please also notify it to the same email address.

We reserve the right to provide the personal details of the Party Leader and Party Members to the accomodation provider.

Personal data provided by the user is important so that we are able to improve the knowledge of our clients requirements and therefore to deliver the most accurate properties offers or additional services.

While the user browses on our website, some information might be registered such as access date, IP address and browser type. This data is important for statistic analysis, to improve our website’s features and thus improving user’s browsing experience.

During an enquiry or booking procedure that is normally processed by phone or email, we ask for personal data, including participants names, address, country, city, e-mail, phone number and others details necessary to provide the most suitable accomodation and to finalize the property booking.

We don’t publish, sell or share any of the user’s personal data. All the information gathered is solely used by us in order to make a booking, to reply to users’ enquiries, to make statistic analysis, to enhance our website, to communicate accurately with users and for any eventual marketing or promotional campaigns which can be revoked by the user at any time.

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